At Early McClintic & McMillan, we believe, first and foremost, that our clients are the most important part of our business. Here are some of our other deeply held beliefs.

  • Our clients are not dependent on us - we are dependent on them.
  • Our clients are not an interruption of our work – they are the purpose of it. We are not doing them a favor handling their inquiries – they are doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to earn their business.
  • We will hold in the strictest confidence, and consider as privileged, all personal and business information pertaining to our clients’ affairs.
  • Our success is solely a result of our clients’ success. Therefore, our clients’ best interests – consistent with their financial goals, comfort with risk and investment timelines – will be the only consideration in creating, implementing and managing investment plans.
  • Successful investment planning and management is a disciplined, long-term process and no investment is perfect, best or risk-free – all investment decisions are compromises. However, we will always be available to listen to our clients’ concerns as to business, financial and/or market risk while frankly discussing appropriate courses of action – consistent with their best interests.
  • In order to provide our clients with an optimal level of service, we ask our clients to be continuously forthcoming with all relevant financial information.
  • If a client is unhappy with any element of our service, we encourage them to tell us as soon as possible, so that we may quickly resolve the issue.
  • If our clients’ expectations are met and they are satisfied with our service, we anticipate they will consider referring others – friends, family, coworkers – whom they believe can benefit from our services.
  • A referral from our client represents a most significant expression of trust and confidence. Consequently, we will respond to any referral in a prompt, considerate and professional manner.