After deciding that the axiom “bigger is better” doesn’t always apply to a business where intimate knowledge of clients’ financial needs, goals and risk objectives is absolutely essential, Richard Early, Scott McClintic and Dan McMillan left a national brokerage firm to establish Early McClintic & McMillan, L.L.P. in 1997. EMCMC is currently operating as a RIA.

“We chose to model ourselves after a community bank,” says Dan.

“These types of institutions make no effort to be all things to all people. Instead, they pride themselves on offering outstanding personal attention within their area of specialty.” Richard, Scott and Dan have used this community-based model to build a thriving investment advisory practice currently managing in excess of $500 million for private clients.

“Dan, Scott and I worked together for 10 years at a national brokerage firm,” Richard says. “While the experience was invaluable in terms of developing our conservative investment philosophy, the industry’s movement toward minimizing the value of an individual client relationship was disturbing.”

Scott agrees. “The largest firms often treat their clients as a commodity, a source of revenues and little else,” he says. “You can see this plainly in the increasing effort to direct individual investors to client service centers, which are capable of executing transactions, but have no first-hand knowledge of a client’s needs, goals and risk objectives.”

The advisors at Early McClintic & McMillan fight this trend by focusing on its specialty - offering investment planning and management guidance to individuals, locally owned businesses and foundations, and by knowing their clients and the community they serve.

In addition, Scott asserts, by contracting with the qualified custodian Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., member FINRA / SIPC, to provide access to investment markets, research, reporting services and the householding of cash and securities, "we believe our clients truly receive the best in investment planning services - both personal attention to their needs and global investment resources."